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What do the preset tags in Mouseflow mean?


Now that you have your Mouseflow tracking code setup and you’re starting to review your recordings, you may notice that some of the sessions have tags associated to them. There are four preset tags that can be added to sessions based on how users interact with your site.

Preset tags and their meanings:

means an error in the code of your site was triggered when a user interacted with your page or an element within your page.

signals frustration from a user. This means there were multiple clicks attempted out of frustration. To read more about click-rage, visit this article: See Your Most Frustrated Users

means a user interacted with a form.

means a user submitted a form.

What this means for you

These tags tell you that a user interacted with a specific element or experienced an event. They are also tied to unique page views within a session. You can use this to your advantage by searching through your recordings, heatmaps, funnels or form analytics for these tags.

By analyzing these interactions, you can find common errors in your site to investigate and repair. You can also find out if and why users bounced from your forms. Using these tags, you can improve your website in many ways and fix problems for future visitors. You can also create lists that target specific users, such as users who have successfully filled out and submitted a form.

Create Your Own

You also have the option of creating your own tags. This comes in handy for further categorizing recordings based on your preferences and what you find important.

Read this article to learn more about creating custom tags and variables: 
Adding Custom Variables and Tags



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