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The Recording List and Recordings


The Brand New Recording List and Playback Window

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Recording List




checkbox.png Clicking the checkbox in the column heading will toggle all of the recordings. You can toggle specific recordings by checking the checkbox in its specific row. Expanding the checkbox drop down enables you to Toggle All recordings, Mark As Unwatched, and Delete Selected recordings
Location: Tells you the city (if available) and country the website was accessed from
Referrer: Tells you where the website was accessed from. Whether it was from Google, a website affiliate, or Google Ads Services
Entry Page: Which page the visitor entered the website on
Last Seen: When this recording was last viewed
Pages: How many pages the user visited during their session. Expanding the pages icon for a specific recording will list all of the pages the user visited, the time they spent on each page, and enables you to watch the recording of that specific page
Duration: How long the visitor spent on the site
Device: What browser, OS, and device type the visitor used to view your site
refresh.png Refreshes the recording list and adds any new recordings

Specific Recording

Hovering over any of the recordings will reveal more options, which are explained below.


star.png Clicking this icon will 'Star' or bookmark this particular recording. You can find all of the starred recordings under the 'All Recordings' drop down at the top.
list.png Clicking this icon gives you the option to Add a Tag, Download the recording, or Delete the recording
play.png Clicking this icon will open a new tab and start playing the recording

Playback Window

Our recordings and playback window are brand new. Learn how to adjust the control the recordings below.


Player Controls

The areas of color indicate when there are high levels of user interaction.


pages.png   The name of the page you're currently watching and the amount of time the visitor browsed the page. Expanding this list enables you to switch to a different page in the recording
rewind.png forward.png 'Rewind' to previous page or 'Forward' to next page in the recording
play.png Play/Pause the recording
speed.png Changes the playback speed of the recording. You can change the speed to x2, x4, x8
dropdown.png Clicking this toggle expands a tab with information about the recording such as the Location, IP, ISP, Device, Screen Resolution, Language, Referrer, Start Time, Duration, and any Tags or Variables
star.png 'Stars' or bookmarks the recording
options.png Clicking this icon gives you the option to Download the recording, Go To the Live Page, or go to our Support Center

For a full walk-through of the recording list and the recording playback, you can also watch our Mouseflow Training Videos.


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