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With The New Mouseflow, we made some big improvements to our feature set. But, we're not done yet!

Here's a list of what's coming soon:

User Identification

With User Identification, you'll be able to easily identify and group visitors to your website. You can tag and name individual visitors based on their unique Mouseflow ID. That means you can keep better track of returning users, important prospects, and other significant visitors.

With User Identification, you'll also be able to review data for individual users - useful for handling support questions, bug reports, and tracking issues.



The Reports feature will bring improvements to the export and sharing functionality of Mouseflow. You'll be able to generate reports based on your own segmentation and share those reports with just a few clicks.

In addition, you can setup automatic email notifications when something in the reports changes. Now, Mouseflow will handle some of the heavy lifting - letting you focus time on what matters most.



Other Upcoming Features:

Improved Heatmap Filtering
We'll include our filters and segmentation options directly in your heatmaps - and give you the option to toggle between mobile, tablet and desktop resolutions.


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    That will be great improvements. I am looking forward to form analytics.

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    Great features, when are you expecting to have them live?

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    Can you tell me what is the resolution for the mobile toggle option?

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