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Can Mouseflow track dynamic pages with JavaScript and AJAX calls?


We support almost all AJAX calls but browsers react differently to certain event simulations so we cannot guarantee that all events are replayed perfectly. For the best results, follow these suggestions:

If an AJAX call or element is not showing up in your recordings, you might need to check if you are using the 'return false' property. Besides canceling the browser’s standard behavior, 'return false' also puts a stop to event propagation. That makes it impossible for us to recreate the event in playback.

Often it isn't necessary or recommended to use the 'return false'-property - instead you should be using 'prevent default'. You can read more on the return false issues here.

Please note that some AJAX calls can be very tricky to replay so we can't guarantee that all types of calls will work. If you are experiencing issues with AJAX on your site, please contact our support staff. We're usually able to find a workaround.


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