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The Wrong Page is Being Displayed


If your website uses URL parameters to navigate to different pages (i.e. - page_id=34 in this case) you should use Mouseflow's Page Identifiers feature. This tells our service that when it detects 'page_id' in the website's URL, it should treat it as a new page. To use this feature follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to your Mouseflow account.
  2. Pick the website you're interested in from the drop down menu next to the "Help" tab.
  3. Click the "Settings" tab on the left hand side.

  4. In the field "Page identifiers", add the parameters, separated by comma.
  5. Click "Save".

Many websites use URL parameters to distinguish between different pages, but it is generally advised to use the base part of the URL to determine the page rather than using URL parameters (  instead of It's easier for users to remember the URL's and it's also called SEO-friendly URL's.


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